SafetySIL Conceptual View

The SafetySIL is a Cycling Self-checking Block Valve for use in Critical Safety Shutdown Systems of reactive chemical processes. The two valve parallel system features full stroke testing of the block valves with minimal possibility of a hidden, dangerous failure. Cycling does not interfere with process fluid flow since one of the parallel valves is always full open.

SafetySIL Normal Cycle Sequence




Valve system controls for safety

InTech magazine, December 2007

Cycling Self-checking Block Valve For Use in Critical Shutdown Systems

Create the Future Design Contest

SafetySIL receives Honorable Mention in the Create the Future Design Contest

Safety & Security Category Winner, "Create the Future" 2007 Design Contest




Final Element Architecture Comparison
2oo2 with diagnostics: Lower False Trip Rate and High Safety

William M. Goble
Iwan van Beurden
© L.L.C.


The 2oo2 architecture using the Safety Cycling Systems approach provides improved safety and significantly improved MTTFS (low false trip rate). If the diagnostic coverage factor could reach 95%, superior safety and a significantly improved MTTFS would both be achieved.

William M. Goble, Ph.D. of Exida, LLC

Where I need this is in my most critical applications. This is the only system I have seen that actually answers the question.

Safety Engineer with a Global Petrochemical Manufacturer

This would save me half a days work once a month.

Operator with a Global Petrochemical Manufacturer

Increasing the frequency of testing combined with increased diagnostic coverage of the test performed on a final element will significantly increase the overall SIL.

This system is almost SIL infinity.

Safety Engineering Consultant

I wish I had them [products] in hand, I would love the opportunity to start selling.

Potential Gulf Coast Distribution Partner

I have a customer that needs to see this.

Potential East Coast Distribution Partner